Drawing Stroke Exercises — Making Confident Pencil Strokes

Drawing Stroke Exercises — Simple Techniques for Better Sketching Have you ever brushed your teeth with the ‘wrong’ hand? If you haven’t, you should try it — assuming of course that you use a [...]


Deep Practice Examples in Cartooning

Deep practice examples ‘live’ from Da Vinci What is deep practice? Deep practice is slowing yourself down and working on just one small element of something at a time. It’s an idea [...]


Mindfulness and Creativity: The Momo Approach to Cartooning

Mindfulness and Creativity… and Roadsweeping? “You see, Momo,’ Beppo the Roadsweeper told her one day, ‘it’s like this. Sometimes, when you’ve a very long street [...]


How To Use Perspective For Dramatic Storytelling

Perspective in storytelling: using it powerfully can set your cartooning apart. After all, where do you want your viewer — immersed in the action or watching from the sidelines? Ultimately it [...]


What Pencil To Use For Drawing?

What pencil to use for drawing? Susan stared at her You Tube screen, frustrated again. “What pencil to use for drawing?” she wondered. As a newbie just starting to draw she was [...]


12 Write-Faster Hacks That Will (Also) Make You A Better Cartoonist

This wonderful illustrated checklist from Henneke Duistermaat of Enchanted Marketing is a doozie! If you write business blog posts, you will gain tremendously from using her tips. If you cartoon [...]


Simple Drawing Backgrounds: How to Find & Adapt For Cartooning

Drawing backgrounds can be a chore, yet they’re essential for creating a context for storytelling purposes. There’s also something incredibly satisfying about providing rich, [...]


Cartoon Face Drawing — How to Draw Cartoon Faces {Simply}

Cartoon face drawing isn’t rocket science but perhaps you (like Tammy down below) would like to know the principles behind drawing rounded, realistic, 3-D ones? Tammy thwacks her pencil [...]


How to Draw Stick Figure Profiles

Knowing how to draw stick figure profiles is far more useful than simple “face-on” stick figures. However, it comes with a couple of challenges around perspective and foreshortening. [...]


Illustration Process: 7 Steps to Illustrating Your First Book

Wondering if you need an illustration process? Barbara’s mobile phone rings and she recognises her best friend’s number on the screen. She knows what the call will be about. That story that her [...]

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