If you’ve ever wondered how to start cartooning, this post is for you…

how to start cartooning

When you start something new, it helps to have a process to follow. Here’s a framework for how to start cartooning…

Have you noticed that, no matter what you have in mind, when you are tackling something you have never done before, it helps to have a process? Learning how to start cartooning is no exception to that rule.

The rule for starting to cartoon is sketch like crazy

Don’t be precious about making what you might think is a real mess on your page when you are playing with ideas. This is the most important part of cartooning (or any drawing for that matter). Any artist will tell you that the secret to a good end product is the preliminary work you put it as you first put pencil to paper.

So sketch up a storm, because that is where the magic starts to happen!

Of course, once you’ve sketched you want to outline
. Outlining neatens up your sketch and gets it looking polished. A felt-tipped fineliner makes a good tool when you are just starting out, but even a ball point pen will do. Your eye will quickly pick up the best lines of your sketch, and then it’s  just a matter of inking them in as smoothly as you can.

After outlining, you can colour your cartoon – if you have time 🙂

Time often runs out when you are doodling around, so colour is optional. But it does add  lovely *pop* of energy, and there is something rejuvenating about the use of coloured pencil crayons, too.

That’s it then: sketch, outline, colour…

It’s simple enough, and here’s a two minute video to help you get started on doodling your way into a creative, meditative new pastime.

No prior cartooning skills are required, and no top hats were damaged in the creation of this video, I promise 🙂

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