Have you ever heard this children’s riddle before?

Q: What’s the biggest room in the world?

A: The room for improvement 😀

And yes, that does have a rather ‘moral of the story’ tone to it, but it’s the basic idea behind the Spit’n’Polish series – which at the moment is still just a planned twinkle in my eye!

The idea is that the Spit’n’Polish series will be ‘bootcamp style’ mini courses that zero in on a single area for 4-6 weeks. The result will be to boost your skills visibly by the end of the time you have allocated to them.

No matter what your current level of skill, you can always do things better!

The areas close to many cartoonists’ hearts are:

  • speed and accuracy
  • character development
  • use of colour theory

With those in mind, I am delighted to introduce The Spit’n’Polish Series of short courses

  • Wobble-free Speed (how to draw faster AND improve the quality of your output)
  • Ambitious Characters (how to enhance a character that’s committed to getting to their next level)
  • Character Schmaracter ((coming up with quirky, fun characters without obsessing over them for hours days), and
  • Colour You (Un)Crazy (how to use laser-focused colour to enhance, not distract)

The first of these courses, Ambitious Characters, is due to start September 1, 2014

Do you have a cartoon character that wants to get on in the world? To get more interesting, more expressive and develop a life of its own?

If so, Spit’n’Polish – “Ambitious Character” is for you.

What the course will cover:

–      Making a character more ‘cartoon-y’

–      Developing expressiveness through emotion

–      Getting (much) more movement

How will we do it?

–   via Deconstruction

–  Using Tiny Increments

–  Engaging in Daily Practice

–  Embracing mistakes (and fixing them)

Where will the course take place?

The course will be conducted in a safe forum via a private Facebook group.


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